Keystone Light & Keystone Ice

MC-KeystoneLight-image_114 0007199047712_500X500

Keystone Light and Keystone Ice are both made by Coors Brewing

Given the price Keystone Light is a somewhat flavorful beer. Taste is in the range of most major brands.

Keystone Ice is slightly stronger and has a similar taste.

There is no hop taste in either. They both have that drinkability factor that all major brands have. That means you can pound one down after the other without getting tired of drinking it. You really can’t do that with some of the stronger more flavorful micro brews.

I put these beers in the Deli, Supermarket or gas station category. They are part of the standard issue that you can find in any of those places.

These types of beers are OK. I was in the mood for some beer and I paid just $3.37 for both.


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